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Shiningly white

Teeth whitening is good for both health and looks, come get your teeth cleaned today!


Unnoticeable covers

Beautiful, shiny, and seamless, our veneers will make it seem real, clean teeth!


Retainable solutions

Our fillings are guaranteed to last long and get the job done with comfort and ease.

Insurances Accepted

Working With You For You

Dr. McMasters works with each person to build the smile they desire, one that they will be happy with not just one that will get the job done.

After finishing treatment you wont be able to help but smile!

Top Rated Dentistry Practice in The Ardmore Area

caring & skilled professionals

Our warm dentistry will make you feel at home from the moment you walk in and will deliver precise, professional care, until the moment you walk out.

What Our Patients Say


Man smiling at the camera

Matthew Urbanic

I’m a fan of their flexibility in scheduling and the avoidance of “pushing” superfluous products or services. They support just about any insurance, and have always been thorough.

Young lady blonde hair smiling at the camera

gloria ussery

Love this dentist, referred many folks to him. Does not over charge, rates are less than others in the area.
Caring friendly folks.

Man with sunglasses, a coffee cup, and earbuds, smiling

Rick McGyver

Its pretty simple.Dr Masters and his staff are phenomenal. I had some pretty bad dental issues to say the least. They treated me as best as anyone can and gave me options to get my smile back. Today, I have no pain and everything works perfect. I received…

Man with curly hair smiling away from the camera

Gayle Crabb

Best dentist I have ever been to. Finally I’m not afraid to go to the dentist.

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